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Jamie Champkin Motorsport Lawyer (National and International)
Abbots Salford, Worcs WR11 8UT
01386 871287

A lawyer who is also a competitor. I provide full contractual commercial, and regulatory advice services throughout the sport for competitors, constructors, teams, sponsors, managers, clubs and officials. I was Clerk to the UK motorsport tribunals for many years. I provide representation at FIA, Motorsport UK and any ASN Courts.

Emergency Mobile: +44(0)7880 965001

JLT Specialty Ltd
JLT Specialty Ltd
The St Botolph Building,
138 Houndsditch,
London EC3A 7AW
0845 337 2446
020 7582 4500

JLT’s insurance broking, risk management and project consulting services are tailored to each specific area of the sports industry we work with. We are passionate about sport from the amateur to the elite professional. Our priority is always to thoroughly understand our clients’ business, comprehend their needs and design the most innovative, client-driven solutions available. JLT Sport seeks to stay ahead of the game by continually designing, developing and implementing programmes that produce tangible benefits to our clients which differentiates us from our competitors. It is this focus that drives our innovation. Importantly, we get claims paid.